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Colorado Springs Military Discounts

Hi! My name is Hugh Davis and I started Military Discounts back in 2008. Over the years we've done a lot to help acquaint military families with opportunities in the Colorado Springs area, and have worked with Fort Carson and Peterson to help get the word out about the site.

I moved to Denver 2 years ago to take a web development job here and have not had a lot of time to research new opportunities there in the Springs for military families. That's where I need your help!

Do you know of activities and opportunities you'd like to tell other military families about? Do you have a special service you provide at a discount to military families? Are there tips and advice you'd like us to pass on to others who may be new to the area? Let us know.

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At this point, there is no paid advertising on the site (except for the few Google ads). So I could sure use your help as I seek to provide a resource for families. CSMilitary Discounts has become known for listing reputable businesses and we know will treat military families well. We want to continue that tradition -- and can with your help.

Feel free to email me at any time with information for the site. My email is hugh.davis@gmail.com. I'll reply as soon as I can!


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CSMilitaryDiscounts.com is a site dedicated to connecting local businesses with military families serving area bases such as Fort Carson and Peterson Air Force Base. Each business listed offers discounts or regular coupons that will benefit the family. The site is owned and maintained by Military Family Resources, located in Colorado Springs and locally owned. If you know of a business offering discounts or coupons that need to be listed on this page, please contact us at support@csmilitarydiscounts.com. Please give us feedback on the quality of service your receive from the merchants listed on this site. While spouses are deployed, we are especially concerned that families at home receive excellent service from businesses listed.

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